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The Pre-School is a caregiver/child interactive environment for 3 years olds. The philosophy of the Play Group is to provide a nurturing, stimulating environment with caring adults for small children to develop socially and intellectually.

The emphasis is on play and interaction both with the adults and the other children in the group. This play is carefully structured to reach the objectives in a totally stress-free environment. The children are taught Bible stories and will sing Christian songs to begin the foundation for a respect of Christianity and a commitment to Jesus Christ. Children will be taught that prayer is important and will learn how to pray.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
The Pre-Kindergarten department provides the building blocks for the Elementary experience. Children are enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten at 4 years of age. These children enter a world enriched with many enjoyable learning experiences that provide just the right balance of social, intellectual, and developmental activities to prepare them for Kindergarten. The  Pre-Kindergarten objectives cover personal/social/ emotional development, Language Development, Quantitative Experiences, Music and Art, Bible Education, P.E. and playtime.

Children are promoted to or enrolled in Kindergarten at a minimum of 5 years old. More focused readiness activities take place in this class. Children begin to embark on academic pursuits as they learn their letters and sounds as well as word attack skills using a variety of developmentally appropriate curricula.



Most children can read 25 words or more by the end of the Kindergarten year; many are already reading on the first grade level. The child is fully ready for 1st grade and the academic and physical programs of that grade after he or she has completed the stimulating activities in Reading, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Bible, Art, Music and P.E. of the Kindergarten class.

The Elementary School covers grades 1-6. These are individual classes in a conventional setting with one teacher for approximately 25 children. Students have full range of academic subjects, plus Spanish, Music, P.E., Computers, Art and Social Studies, including Social Studies of the Cayman Islands. Children participate in local exhibitions and competitions for their age level.