Elementary Division

At Triple C School we realize that the first years of a child’s academic life are crucial ones in establishing positive attitudes and dispositions toward learning. We value a young child’s natural desire to learn through creation and self-expression. We strive to build upon our students’ curiosity, while instilling in them a spirit of cooperation, a respect for others and for their ideas, and a satisfaction in personal intellectual growth.

Our Elementary Division covers grades 1-5. We challenge our students to grow in their knowledge through a well-rounded curriculum that includes a solid foundation in principal subject areas. All curriculum is carefully chosen for each subject with the highest academic goals in mind. A variety of publishers, both Christian and secular, are used. All subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview. Educational projects and field trips are offered at each grade level that enhances curriculum content.

The classes feature a conventional setting with one teacher and one teacher’s assistant in each classroom. Students have a full range of academic subjects; Bible, Social Studies (including Social Studies of the Cayman Islands), Science, English, Mathematics, Spanish, Library, Music, P.E., and Art.  Children in our grades 1-5 will also participate in local exhibitions and competitions for their age level.

At Triple C School, we believe that every child, no matter how young, is a thinker, change-maker, dreamer, and community member.  Our young scholars benefit from an intentional and strategic approach to academics. We provide learning opportunities that prepare them for the academic rigor and opportunity waiting for them in our Middle School and High School communities.