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Triple C School

A ministry of the Church of God Chapels was started in October 1941 out of a great need on the island of Grand Cayman for a structured academic education beyond the sixth-grade level. Mr. Orren Merren II and his sibling, Miss Ena Merren had the vision for such a school and made it a matter of prayer. When the Mr. Leslie Ratzlaff and his wife, Mrs. Nina Ratzlaff, arrived on the island as two young missionaries to oversee the work of the Church of God, the church members saw their arrival as an answer to that prayer. Mrs. Nina Ratzlaff accepted the challenge to start the school and became the first principal and teacher.

Over the past eighty-one years, Triple C has grown from a staff of one with seven children in a little room to a staff of over 80 in a modern facility with about 400 students. Through the years, thousands of students and scores of teachers have carried on the great legacy of Triple C School.

Triple C was born through God’s plan, is maintained through His guidance, and moves forward with the vision through His strength. We give thanks to the Lord for a rich heritage and a bright future!

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