About Us

Mission + Beliefs

Triple C School has the distinctive heritage of being the first and longest provider of a quality K- 12 Christian education in the Cayman Islands since 1941. Our approach to education is guided by the values of our founders who emphasized whole- child development. We therefore follow a dual objective to develop the intellect of our students through robust academic programs and intentionally build our students’ character through varied experiences.

As a Christian School, Triple C School is a community where faith is lived out in the classroom, across campus, and between peers. Faith is the lens through which we view, create, and implement each educational and social opportunity.

Our Motto

“To grow in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man.” – Luke 2:52

Our Mission

Triple C School partners with families to provide an internationally competitive education in a Christ-centered environment and seeks to lead students to fulfill their God-given purpose.


Our Vision

Triple C School students will acquire wisdom, knowledge, and a Biblical world-view as evidenced by a commitment to Jesus Christ with a lifestyle of creativity, character, leadership, service, stewardship and worship.

Our Values


Respect yourself, others and their property, and the school.


Follow instructions the first time.


Be on time for all classes, meetings and activities.


Be prepared for all classes and activities.


Be trustworthy, genuine, true to your word.


Be truthful and above board in your actions.


Be kind, considerate, helpful, and forgiving.

“Our mission is to help each child grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.”

Our Statement of Beliefs

  1. God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things and the source of all truth.
  2. God maintains control over His entire universe.
  3. Because of sin, man tends to omit God and thus fails to relate himself and his knowledge to God, the source of all wisdom.
  4. Regeneration is by faith in Jesus Christ. True meanings and values can be ascertained only in the light of His Person, purpose, and work.
  5. God has revealed Himself in a general way in His world and the universe, and in a specific way in the Bible.
  6. The home, the church, and the school should complement each other, promoting the students’ spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth.
  7. While at school or school activity, the teacher stands in the place of the parent.
  8. God has given differing abilities to each student. It is the teachers’ responsibility to motivate each child to reach beyond his grasp while being sensitive to his/her present academic level.
  9. The Christian is not to be conformed to the world but must recognize his responsibility in our free society.
  10. The students’ home, church, and school experiences and training should be a preparation for life: a life of fellowship with God and service to man.
  11. The prayer of a righteous person has a powerful effect.