Secondary Division

Middle School

Our Middle School consists of grades 6, 7 and 8. The Triple C School Middle School curriculum covers traditional core academic areas as well as an offering of electives in fine arts, all taught by experienced and certified Christian faculty members.  All classes are taught from a Biblical worldview.

Courses required in the Middle School are English, Mathematics, Bible, World History, U.S. History, Cayman History, Physical Education, Spanish, Health, Science, and Information Technology (IT). Band and Choir are optional.

The Middle School years are an important time of development. Students develop new talents, pursue many interests, and face challenges unique to their age group.  At Triple C School, our goal is to develop the skills, critical thinking, and understanding to interact with new information and experiences.

High School

The upper school academic program at Triple C School is structured for students to earn a high school diploma in an engaging educational environment. The curriculum is designed to develop students who can reason, research, express, and critically think in order to prepare them for collegiate rigor.  The faculty consists of committed Christians who are experienced and passionate about their subject area and teach with a Biblical worldview.

Our high school covers grades 9-12.

The students can earn one of the two diploma types meaning the general diploma (26 credits) and an honors diploma (29-32 credits with at GPA 3.5 or higher) by taking required classes.

Triple C School also offers options for accelerated coursework at the high school level.  Students may participate in Honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Participation in AP courses allows students the opportunity to begin earning their first college credits while still in high school.


Advanced Placement (AP) And Honors Program Framework

Triple C’s overall program is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. (ACSI). The majority of courses offered in the school program are college preparatory.  With most courses meeting requirements for admission to colleges and universities in the Cayman Islands, the USA, Canada and the UK.

Triple C offers Honors classes. Honors classes address the same standards but go deeper into the content, at a much faster pace, and have higher expectations for both the quality and quantity of student work. In short, the Honors classes are more rigorous and push students to learn above and beyond grade-level. They are designed for students who love learning and seek admission to specialist college and university disciplines.

Teachers in the Honors programs are committed to challenging students to adequately prepare them for college-level course work. As Honors level courses are more rigorous than regular courses, classes may require additional reading, research, essays and projects. Teachers cover curriculum at a faster pace and in greater depth while incorporating more complex analysis and additional sources.

Students in Honors courses are expected to show the following characteristics:

  • High academic achievement and intellectual ability.
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken expression.
  • An avid interest in reading different types of text.
  • An ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Remain on task in class with little to no disruption.
  • Good citizenship and attendance.

Honors classes and Advanced Placement Courses:


English (Grades 9-11)


Algebra 1

Algebra 2


AP Courses

AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Language and Composition

AP Calculus AB

AP Human Geography

AP Biology

AP Psychology

AP Statistics

AP Physics

AP Art