Student Life

Triple C School has a dual objective to develop the intellect and creativity of our students through strong academic programs and their character through numerous and varied experiences.

In addition to exemplary academics, we are also blessed to offer a wide range of unique opportunities for creative, athletic, and extracurricular involvement as well as spiritual growth and acts of service—one of the many advantages of attending our Christian private school.

After-School Care Program

Pre Kindergarten to Fifth Grade     3:30-5:30 pm

Afterschool care is available for children attending Pre Kindergarten through fifth grade in their respective areas. Students may enjoy outdoor and indoor play time, supervised homework sessions, special activities, and snack time. The aftercare program is facilitated by Triple C School teachers and teacher assistants.

Afterschool care is not provided for middle and high students.

*For After School Care rates, please visit our admissions page

Before school care is offered Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. in the multi-purpose hall.  School staff provide supervision.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Contact Triple C regarding after school care registration. For more information call us at +1 (345) 949-6022.

Creative Arts

Triple C School’s Arts Department celebrates the excellence modeled for us in God’s creation. Each student is encouraged to stretch his or her imagination and expand his or her own ingenuity.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts introduces the power of the creative process through which students explore technical and interpretive skills that combine a strong ability to communicate ideas and concepts that transcend the written word. Early Childhood, elementary and secondary students are invited to explore many opinions to create a final result. This process builds resilience to failure and a willingness to try new ideas. Students develop and engage in real problem-solving skills.

In Visual Arts, students must synthesize and understand techniques to find their own point of view and create art that represents a concept, empathy, and a connection to the viewer.


In music, students from early childhood to secondary learn a variety of music from different periods of history and cultures.

In secondary there is a band program that offers the study of instrumental music to students. Our curriculum develops students’ technical ability on their instruments while promoting advanced musical aptitude and individual artistic expression in a variety of musical styles. By the end of their tenure, band members have a high-level of proficiency as instrumentalists and have performed on campus and at national competitions.

Choir and steel pan are also a part of the Triple C School musical experience.


Athletics help our students to develop their passions, skills, teamwork and school spirit.

Athletics and Physical Education play vital roles in Triple C School’s mission to educate the whole child. Our students are offered a range of developmentally appropriate experiences from early childhood programs in the Lower School through competitive sports in the Upper School. Physical education and interscholastic athletic programs provide opportunities for students to grow physically, socially, and emotionally.

We offer many athletic opportunities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, netball, track and field, and much more.

Our highly qualified, compassionate coaches emphasize respect, teamwork, courage, integrity, and determination on and off the field. With these skills and character traits, our students have what they need to succeed — now and as they pursue their individual futures.

Spiritual Life

Growing in relationship with God and others.

At Triple C School, student ministry is the heart of all we do. In the design of each classroom, each lesson, each relationship, faith is the foundation of all aspects of the teaching and learning process.

We value the pursuit of academic excellence in the framework of faith. It is present in the written curriculum, visually represented in each classroom, and incorporated into the design of each lesson. Our faith is vibrant and guides all aspects of our pedagogy. In addition to bible classes being a part of our academic curriculum, here are some other ways faith in infused into the Triple C School experience.

Weekly Chapels

Our ECE, Elementary and Secondary students meet for chapel weekly, where they participate-in and lead praise and worship as well as use their gifts and talents to share the gospel. At Chapels, teachers and guest speakers motivate students in their spiritual walk. Virtues are highlighted to help students focus on key aspects of their spiritual growth.

Annual Spiritual Retreats

Each year middle, and high schools participate in a Spiritual Retreat. These are wonderful opportunities to disconnect from the distractions of life and engage with each other. Students hear from special teachers, connect in small groups, worship, play, and laugh together.


Missions and Christian service are prominent in our students’ lives. Every student has the opportunity to participate in and help support missions work within our community and in our world. Service extends throughout the school year, and high school service hours are required outside of school hours.


Triple C School is pleased to offer numerous opportunities for students to get involved and pursue other interests outside of the school day. There are various clubs, organizations, and activities for the students to consider, from student government to drama club and nearly everything in between! Contact the school office for more information about clubs and extracurricular activities.


Triple C School is dedicated to supporting whole child wellness by providing compassionate, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate programs addressing the social and emotional needs of all students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our school counselors serve as advocates for all students. Counseling services are an integral part of student education and help our students reach their full potential. The counseling program includes direct services such as classroom guidance instruction, individual counseling, and small group meetings, as well as indirect services such as consultation, collaboration, and referrals.

Our school counselors are partners in education with students, teachers, families, and community members. We value our partnership with families and strive to build strong and lasting relationships that promote student success. The counselors work collaboratively with teachers and families to develop healthy, resilient, responsible, and successful citizens of the world.

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