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Cultural Day At Triple C School

Triple C is a part of a diverse, multi-cultural community and it was fantastic to celebrate this day with the students and teachers. Culture Day invites students and teachers to create, participate and celebrate arts and culture in their classrooms. The students and staff are allowed to wear their countries national attire. On Cultural day, the students will pay a fee of $3.00 and the staff a fee of $5.00. All of the proceeds go to The Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

For this years Cultural Day, Triple C School earned a total of $180 which will be donated to The Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

You can visit and support them by using the link attached.


Kindergarten class on Culture Day

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Written by : Shania Barnett & Selena Forbes

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