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Triple C School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities.


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The child has one intuitive aim: self development


The things that students enjoy the most include free-dress, chicken strips for lunch, and spirit week. Where they dress according to a different theme each day. The more creative the theme, the more fun it is.

For this year spirit week, it consisted of crazy hat day, crazy socks, wacky tacky day, and favorite sports team.

If you see a bunch of students wearing crazy hats out or Hawaiian shirts in the middle of winter, you may be witnessing the school celebration of Spirit Week. High school homecoming week is a popular time for Spirit Week, but it can be held any time throughout the year. The celebration works with all ages, from elementary through high school, as long as you keep the themes simple for the younger kids.

The purpose of spirit week is to get the kids enthused and supportive of the school. The week also serves to get students involved, working cooperatively and united on a common goal of promoting the school, the School Themes website says.

Spirit weeks often have a central theme that is followed throughout the week. The theme could simply be using school colors, its mascot, and other school-related ideas. Other ideas include cartoons, cereals, fairy tales, medieval, fast food, movies, superheroes, the Wild West, Egyptian, Oriental, outer space, on the farm and under the sea, which changes every year.

Spirit week agendas often encourage students to wear a fun and funky array of clothes, with a different outfit or item for each day of the week. Monday might be funny hat day, followed by Tuesday’s Hawaiian shirt day and Wednesday’s silly T-shirt day. Thursday could be pajama day, rounded off with Friday’s school colors day. Students can also make spirit pins or other jewelry to wear in support of the school.

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