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Teacher of the Month

The Teacher of the Month award has recently been introduced to Triple C School this year, January 2018. This award, recognizes teachers for their excellent efforts in teaching and encouraging students to become the best they can be, through Christ Jesus. These teachers get special recognition in the school and rewards such as their own designated parking space and announcements of their achievement to the entire school.

The teacher exemplifies the character and professional traits outlined below:

Christian Character, the teacher‘s participation reflects above and beyond the defined boundaries of their duties and responsibilities; the teacher demonstrates punctuality and professionalism;  the teacher participates in at least one school-sponsored extra-curricular event; the teacher demonstrates effective communication and outreach across all settings.

Through these awards and special recognition, teachers are inspired to become “The Teacher of the month”.


Please see below for the Teachers of the Month for January, February and March.

Rachael Banta




Mrs. Banta, our middle school Social Studies teacher;  she was selected for the month of January.

Carlson Benjamin



Mr. Benjamin, our high school Christian Education teacher and Spiritual Life Director;  he was chosen for the month of February.




Ms. Knight, our third grade teacher;  was selected for the month of March.

Blog by: Jada Watson and Ashley Bush

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